National Signing Day: Vikings Find New Homes

Breauna Dorris, Writer

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, five of Northeast football players signed off to the college of their choosing. Shaquan Johnson, Marcus Wynn, Keith Jackson, Marcel Scott and Eric Rumph all had a very hard decision to make over the past few months. Johnson signed to Concordia University.Wynn signed to Itasca College. Scott signed to Quincy University. Jackson signed to New Mexico Military Academy and Rumph signed to Dodge City Community College. These boys had the opportunity to visit their colleges and talk with the coaches to get a feel for what might fit right. Along with the support of the Northeast coaches and the Culinary department they were able to host a signing party to show encouragement for the players and their choice to continue their football path. At the beginning of the signing Head Coach Jeremy Frioud said a few words of encouragement to the boys. “They each took a different path and over came different obstacles and adversity to get to where they are, and in the end they won.” After hearing their coach talk to them the boys had a few word of appreciation. Senior Shaquan Johnson said, ” Every time I talked to coach, I wanted to talk football and he wanted to talk academics”. Although they could have just cared about football, they cared about their grades also. These boys have progressed since freshman year and are now going off to college to “achieve bigger and better things” as Frioud would put it. Coach Mitch Disney said ” This was a special senior class. They stuck when it got too hard while others jumped ship.”

Shaquan Johnson- Concordia University

Marcel Scott- Quincy University

Marcus Wynn- Itasca College

Keith Jackson- New Mexico Military Academy

Eric Rumph- Dodge City Community College


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