2017 Is Your Year

De'Asia Hill

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New years resolutions are a good way to start off the year. A lot of people have resolutions but not everybody follows through with them. When making your resolutions, make sure they are attainable and realistic. For instance, if your resolution is to improve your GPA to a 4.0 within a year, you should simplify it. Try to do something more straightforward like making sure you complete all your upcoming assignments. Sophomore Robert Miller and Senior Aldin Baltin had healthy resolutions. They both said that they wanted to go to the gym more. Along with these NEHI students, most of America had similar resolutions. Getting or staying fit made it into the top 3 on the list of New years resolutions. Some other students said that they had their resolutions aimed toward academics. Freshman Isabella Ecker said hers was to get good grades and junior Matthew Wycoff had a more ambitious goal of getting straight A’s. Others were geared towards building their finances; senior Hannah Rodriguez’s solution is to save money. Overall, to achieve your goals you should stay committed, find support and reward yourself for making progress.

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