Taco Bell: Secretly One of America’s healthiest fast food chains

January 10, 2017

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Taco Bell: Secretly One of America’s healthiest fast food chains

   What fast food restaurants do you eat at because of their healthy options? Not many options come to mind right? The two main culprits that characterize fast food is high sodium and fat content. Starbucks claims that these two things are what keeps the flavor profile of their food up to par.  Taco Bell wanted consumers to have a choice and  be able to choose to pig out on crunch wraps one day and  healthier but still delicious 7 layer vegetarian burritos,and Fiesta Taco Salad another day.

“Instead of running ad campaigns focused on health and freshness, the company prefers to make nutritional information available to those who want to make healthier choices (Business Insider).” Taco bell doesn’t want to advertise their company as a fresh and nutritional like Chipotle because they still want to attract their usual business.


1)Buy free Taco Bell app

2) Scroll to bottom to vegetarian selections or choose any hardy item that can still be filling with deleted ingredients.

2)Customize easily by swiping an ingredient to the right to delete and to left to add extra!


Taco Salad $5.19-5.73( 5.00 power bowl  is same thing without taco shell bowl. Would recommend if you want chips. )

Replace meat with black beans, delete cheese, sour cream .

What you have: Black beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, red strips, refried beans, salsa!

Optional: Potatoes and guacamole(omit for high carbohydrate, low fat.)

*High carbohydrate diets promotes eating whole starch, fruit and vegetables to prevent clogging of arteries. Add pico de gallo to replace cheese and sour cream to make it “fresco”.

Calories: 730-777

7 Layer Burrito! $3.00

 Delete sour cream, and cheese

Optional: potatoes ( Increases salt and fat)

What you have: Refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and Guac…and possibly potatoes!

calories: 430

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