Reindeer on the Loose

December 9, 2016

   Japan is always attempting to make innovations regarding pizza delivery methods that complement the holiday seasons and type of traffic around the area of each Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s  Pizza transportation compliments many different geographical regions by taking advantage of boats, mopeds, bikes, and the typical car. However, this winter Domino’s Pizza decided to bring something new onto the streets of japan and attempted to train reindeer. Corporate thought that instead of trying to get around by bike, using a reindeer and sled would be a more practical way to get around because of the severe weather that is expected. All sleds came equipped with GPS trackers that allowed consumers to track the location of his or her pizza.

   This method sounded convenient and fun because of the connection to Santa Claus and his transportation method, until the reindeer pizza transportation system started to become unmanageable due to lack of control by the reindeer navigator on his or her way to and at the final destination. The reindeer made it difficult to get the pizza to the consumers in one piece, and it was strenuous constantly putting all efforts into preventing traffic accidents because of a stray pizza transporter. Despite the commitment, the system lasted a total of a week before customers called to complain about the inconvenience and annihilated dinner . On the bright side, the alternative did not obliterate the cute holiday theme that the company was shooting for; to keep the holiday theme, the company decided to switch to scooters disguised as the “cute”, “cuddly” winter creatures.    

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