Too Young To Vote?

Jonnie Jenkins

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With the upcoming election, tensions run high as students express their political opinions on social media. This 2016 election is making even the most passive person choose a side. But unfortunately, many seniors will not be able to participate in this election, as their birthday is past November 8th. This posses the question, “Should a seventeen year old be allowed to vote?” The maturity level between a seventeen year old and an eighteen year old isn’t such a huge gap. Is there really that big of a difference that prevents the year younger students from voting? Politics is becoming a more prominent part in student life; it can be frustrating having a strong opinion, but not being able to act on it.

The biggest argument made against students voting is students aren’t knowledgeable or wise enough to make such a grave decision. But, in a 2014 study, it found only 36 percent of American adults can name the three branches of government. Students have the upper hand in that respect, as they are still in school and actively surrounded by civics, government, and history classes.

There are an ample amount of students who are passionate about the power of voting and the future of this country. A student, Arkeiah Elias, states a seventeen year old should be able to vote “because they are almost an adult.” By allowing seventeen year olds to vote, the youth of this nation will be allowed to express their political opinions. If a seventeen year old doesn’t care about voting or doesn’t feel mature enough, they simply won’t bother to register. The youth of this nation will be the ones dealing with the effects of political decisions made now, they should have a say in it.

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